White Label | About Us
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About Us

Established in 2001, We bring a bespoke service to each individual client using our experience and expertise in procurement, strategic negotiation and sustainable supply chain management.

Managing a niche range of products and services ensures a focused and knowledgeable advisory approach, whilst our personal account management enables us to have a clear understanding of the client’s needs and requirements.

Partnering with some of the Europe’s and the World’s leading suppliers, enables us to offer quality, affordability and sustainability.

We work with a broad range of organisations across many sectors including Government and Public Services, Aviation and Aerospace, Communications and Technology, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Resources, and Bespoke Jewellery.  We engage with mid-market companies to large corporate organisations.

Our service includes negotiating with suppliers through quick and effective pricing exercises, to full strategic procurement programmes.

We care deeply about the service we provide to our clients; we are considered a trusted adviser and sound counsel. We have a wide portfolio of clients and we work closely with them to deliver truly outstanding results. An appetite for transformation and the desire to deliver excellence lies at the heart of everything we do – quite simply to do things better and to make a difference.

Bespoke solution

Our professional procurement setup provides a bespoke tendering service delivering the most competitive price for all the products you buy, taking into consideration your quality and service level needs.

Our team will share with you the latest innovations and trends, highlight any improvements and explore new ideas that could enhance your offering.

Private Branding Projects

We, offer WHITE LABEL products for companies looking to pursue their own range with their own brand imaging and bring brands and retailers the perfect opportunity to bring their ideas to life.

This is a bespoke service that has led to many successful product launches. We can help you with everything from design, company branding, production, manufacturing, copyright, marketing plans, logistics and everything in between.

We’ve worked with a multitude of well-known retailers & brands to create bespoke, top selling, own branded product lines for their consumers to enjoy.

We have operating warehouses and distribution networks all over the world,with customers all over the world, we can offer a wealth of industry experience and advice to all our customers.

We can create ideas & concepts of different products, basing them on your current target audience, or finding an audience you want to target and creating products based on that.

This is the stage where we create different formulations to find the perfect combination of ingredients for your product.

The designing stage is where the visuals of your product come to life. From logo and packaging design to choosing the components for your product, we’ll create different design ideas for you to choose from for your final product

Once your final design is chosen, our design team will then have prototypes of your design made so you can see exactly what your product looks like and any final changes that need to be made can be changed before mass production.

When you have signed off your prototype, your product will then be put into mass production.

We have many partnering companies which can help with the logistics & distribution of your products worldwide.

Our in-house Marketing & Design team can assist you alongside with the marketing of your new brand & products. From helping with the creation of websites, digital design and photography to teaching you tools and giving ideas of ways to maximise the growth and awareness of your brand to the consumer.